Cutting to the Chase

We travel not only as adventure-seekers, thrill-chasers, foodies and culture-lovers….we travel to see the contrasts between familiar places and those traveled…and between ourselves at home and abroad.sloth

Welcome to SeeMargoGo! If you have landed on this page you are here to start your own adventure–whether it be by living vicariously through this blog or starting a trip of your own.

As an avid traveller, I write to inspire, motivate and give practical steps to young people looking to enrich their lives with travel (or, at least, enjoy my stories/advice).


What’s in it for you?

Hopefully, a lifetime of great stories. Through my posts, I promise to give you helpful tips on…

  • The best ways to travel
  • Best places to visit in Europe (and a smattering of other countries)
  • Living abroad
  • The highs and lows of learning a new language (especialmente Español)
  • Classic adventures
  • And whatever else of importance pops into my head

Most of all, I promise to be entertaining. I commit to make this the most original and humorous travel blog by a soul-seeking student out there (note: currently the internet is clogged with blogs of this sort, so I’m making quite a promise here). Be sure to check out my video logs for some creative content. You can also find me on YouTube.