Under the Amalfi Sun

Under the Amalfi Sun

If you have never seen Under the Tuscan Sun and you enjoy watching bittersweet movies of women discovering themselves in the countryside of Italy, I recommend you watch this movie NOW.

My moDSCN6002m and I are avid fans. We have a select collection of DVD’s for whenever we visit her family in New York, and this is one of the ten. We especially love when the main character, played by Diane Lane, goes out to Positano on the Amalfi Coast to be smitten by her Italian lover. We wanted to go out to Positano and drink lemoncello and relive the moment when Frances and Marcello find a kitten on the beach. I am happy to confirm that this weekend, that dream has become a reality.


Really big lemons! Called bread-lemons, they have a thick inner fruit that appears to have the texture of bread. Typically, according to the guide, they are used in salads (use the apples behind them for scale).

My mom, my college roommate and I all met up in Rome to see the city before our departure to Sorrento. Sorrento is a small city conveniently located close to the Amalfi coast, Pompeii and the island of Capri. The city itself is charming as well. Situated on the water it offers beautiful views of the water and an assortment of shops and restaurants with kind-hearted locals. Since it was low season, it was difficult to catch a boat to the blue grotto in Capri, but easy to be the center of attention in town. The waiters stood over us in every restaurant we went to…refilling our water, giving us free bread and lemoncello. On our first day we all got giddy on this sugary, citrus elixir and walked around town eating free samples of lemoncello chocolates and cookies.


Me at the start of the Amalfi coast. It’s hard to believe but I am not standing in front of a backdrop.

The hotels were also empty, and so we got to stay at the nice Hilton in town through a deal on Expedia. I think the whole time I saw 15 other guests, which was nice because we got a whole pool and lobby to ourselves. Sorrento has over 100 hotels for being such a small city, and some of the others looked beautiful and quaint as well. I can only imagine how busy the town must get in the summer. We all joked that it would be full of super models sipping their Prosecco and honeymooners spending the afternoon in the pool after a day out on the water.

My mom arranged for us to see the Amalfi with a private driver that took us to the towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello (three of the larger towns of the Amalfi. It’s debatable how many “towns” there actually are, as some are just little fisherman villages).

I could go on to describe every aspect of the trip using every adjective I know…or you could watch this video 🙂



Note how badly I need a tripod…